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About Puri Holiday Apartments

More space (square meters, full size kitchen, Multiple Rooms with Multiple Balcony)

  • More Privacy
  • All-inclusive rates (relatively low Priced compared to hotel rates because off the lack off -a restaurant and room service)
  • Both short-term and long-term lengths of stay possible, starting from one nights up to years.
  • The Flexibility to create your own stay Like Home.

Which is Better Accommodation/Stay For a Vacation or Leisure Trip ?

Now let’s have a look of the benefits of a serviced apartment over a hotel room:

In case of a serviced apartment, you have the options of more rooms, rather than being stuck in one hotel room. Thus you can enjoy a homely, comfortable feeling. This would matter a lot if you are a traveler who needs to work online and ends up being stuck in one place.

One of the prime benefits of a serviced apartment is that it lets you feel like a local and get an authentic experience of living in the city.

A serviced apartment consists of a well-equipped kitchen, This grants you the autonomy to cook for yourself. If you are a solo traveler with limited financial means, this is an excellent way to save money. This is also a necessary facility for medical tourists, or people with health concerns and stringent dietary requirements, or even for families traveling with kids.

One more reason why you should choose a serviced apartment over a hotel room are the amenities such as Internet access, Television set with cable connection or set-top box, Multiple Rooms i.e 2 AC Rooms with Balcony,Living Room and so on.

Why Choose Serviced Apartments over Hotels ?

Let , You may be a Software engineer or Business Coordinator or want to open Business in New Area Or a Traveller Or Came for vacation Trip or Leisure Trip, You Need to Stay at-least 4-5 Days . Naturally ,you would look for a accommodation in the city .you book a room in one of the best hotels in the city, Something Like this

A Typical Hotel Room

You check in , and the next day , report for work or Your vacation Trip starts. After spending the day outside , you come back to the room,exhausted. This continues for the next few days. The single room in Hotel seems suffocating and impersonal. Homesickness sets in. And this affects your mental peace and thus your stay.

What if, instead of the impersonal hotel accommodation with just one room, you had booked a serviced apartment?

Thus, a service apartments speaks more than a thousand words.. we ve got something better to offer..lets have a virtual tour of a serviced apartment.

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